Harrier The Harrier is a medium-sized, stocky hound was bred for hunting rabbits. He is very similar to the Beagle and a gentle, calm demeanor. In addition, he is considered intelligent and trainable.The Harrier is with a shoulder height of up to 55 cm greater than the Beagle. He has very short legs and can be 22-27 kg. His head is… Read More »

Hanoverian Hound

Hanoverian Hound With the invention of firearms was needed a suitable dog for Nachsuche on Injured game. The Hannoverian hound was bred by the Hannoversche Jägerhof in the Kingdom of Hanover and fulfilled the hopes placed in him.Even today, the Hannoverian bloodhound is grown according to strict performance criteria, and used exclusively as a specialist for… Read More »

Hamilton Hound

Hamilton Hound The Swedish Hamilton hound finds its origin in Switzerland and southern Germany as well as in scenthounds Harriers and Foxhounds. In 1921 the dog received its final name, which was in honor of Count AP Hamilton, the creator of the race selected.The Hamilton hound reach a shoulder height of 61 cm and a weight… Read More »

Halden Hound

Halden Hound The Halden Hound comes from Norway and looks probably a common origin story with the English Foxhound back. It owes its name to the southern Norwegian municipality dumps, which began in the pure breeding of these animals. 1950 saw the FCI this dog as a breed at.The Halden Hound-dog is large about 60 cm, while the females… Read More »

Greenland dog

Greenland dog The Greenland Dog is an Arctic Spitz and is still used as a sled dog. He has a pronounced hunting instinct and also takes front seals and even polar bears no heels.The up to 60 cm wide and 32 kg Greenland dog is very strongly built and perfectly adapted to the arctic conditions of… Read More »

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog A Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is tri-colored, robust four-legged friends a short, dense coat. He has a quiet, friendly nature and is considered wise, vigilant and reliably.A Greater Swiss Mountain Dog may be up to 72 cm tall, making it the largest of the four breeds Senn. Is Ausgewachsen the muscular animal with… Read More »

Large Münsterländer

Large Münsterländer A Large Münsterländer one of the most versatile representatives from the group of pointers. When hunting he is considered a reliable Finder of wild game, as a family dog, he needs adequate employment and characterized by docility and liveliness.The males Large Münsterländer be up to 65 cm tall, 30 kg in weight and have,… Read More »

Griffon Nivernais

Griffon Nivernais In 1925, the first club for the Griffon Nivernais was founded. Before the races Vendeen, and Foxhound Otterhound were bred in the way which they received their current appearance. The dogs can find their field of application mainly in the hunt for wild boars.The French Griffon Nivernais reach a shoulder height of up to 63… Read More »

Griffon Korthals

Griffon Korthals Although the Griffon Korthals is not too widespread, he was recognized as the first hunting dog in the United States. Breeders was the Dutchman Eduard Korthals, who himself probably cruised Dutch, Belgian and English Pointers with German Shorthair in breeding.The Griffon Korthals is a versatile pointing dog, which is also in the role of… Read More »

Griffon Fauve de Bretagne

Griffon Fauve de Bretagne The French Griffon Fauve De Bretagne finds its use in the hunt for hares, foxes, deer and wild boar. In the 19th century this breed was used in the game at Wolves. The species belongs to the genus of the hounds, but is less well known outside France.An adult Griffon Fauve De Bretagne… Read More »